Vocal Coaches

2011/2012 Season

This season, we are very pleased to be able to provide our contestants with the expertise of two vocal coaches, Stephanie Tavares and the one and only, Zack Werner. Zack will also be giving advice on how contestants can tweak their overall performances and really shine onstage.

Stephanie Tavares

Stephanie Tavares has been singing professionally for about 8 years. She has released 1 album and has performed across Canada and the Caribbean. She is a graduate of the Humber College Music Program and began teaching voice in 2004.

Zack Werner Zack Werner is certainly most well-known for his stint as a judge on Canadian Idol, perhaps even as Canada's version of Simon Cowell but the truth is Zack Werner has been in the music business for a lot longer than most people realise and is more involved in the business than most people would know. It is fair to say that he is one of the most important figures in the Canadian music industry. Zack was born in Winnipeg to a very musical family and began taking piano lessons around age 5. He began working as a musician in his early teens and continued to do so while he was at the University of Minnesota earning an honours B.A. in English and theatre. He then picked up a law degree at the University of British Columbia where he also played in a few bands and began writing and recording music. It was then off to Toronto where he joined a band which was signed by Capitol Records. Here he experienced working with several different producers and touring the U.S. to open for bands like Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles where the band became the house band in the venue which is now called The Viper Room. After 3 or 4 years of playing and recording, he moved back to Toronto where he was signed by MCA as a solo artist. He recorded a record for them which he says was "terrible" and got back into law, entertainment law. At the same time, he was producing records and discovering talent like The Philosopher Kings and Ron Sexsmith. He is deeply involved in the entertainment industry on so many different levels... as a lawyer, manager, producer, writer, musician, in artist development, etc. He is co-founder of the company the Venus Corporation which supplies artist management and also has their own record label which is affiliated with EMI. To sum up Zack Werner's position in the music business... through hard work and paying attention to every aspect of the business that he was exposed to, he has become someone who can get the president of any U.S. major recording label on the phone. And you thought he was just a know-it-all... guess you were right!

2010/2011 Season

Vocal coaching for the 2010/2011 Season was a combined effort by Miguel Domingos, Adrianne Marcucci as well as John and his wife Lisa.

Miguel Domingos is a musician who plays many different instruments. He is also a singer, music teacher and conductor who has been the “maestro” to some of the Portuguese concert bands in Toronto including 17 years with the Banda Do Senhor Santo Cristo.

Adrianne Marcucci was one of the winners at the 09/10 final. She fit the “amateur” requirement of the rules and regulations only by virtue of the fact that she has never recorded and released a solo CD. She is a professional actress and singer, who currently performs around south western Ontario in Murder Mysteries and tribute shows where she impersonates various legendary singers.

2009/2010 Season

Vocal coaching for for the 2009/2010 Season was a combined effort by Miguel Domingos, Adrianne Marcucci as well as John and his wife Lisa.


Personal Vocal Trainer & Stage Performance Coach


Academy of Music – Vocal Training (Opera, Modern & Jazz) & Breathing Techniques
Stage Kids Productions – Live Performance Training (Vocal, Dance & Stage Awareness)
Trebas Institute of Music – Music Business Management (Artist Management, Publishing, Copywrite,
Marketing & Tour Promotions)


Jay Levine & James McCollum (Philosopher Kings)**Jeff Dalziel (Sony Music & Independent Producer)** Pete LesPerance (Harem Scarem Band)** James Russell (Acosta Russell)**
James Robertson (EMI Producer/writer),

North American Tour with and worked with Zack Werner (Canadian Idol Judge & Music Manager) & Esthero
(US Sony Music Artist).

Sony Music Canada, CBC Studios, Metal Works Studios, Crystal Music Inc,
The Post Office Studio, Ticky Music Studios.

Currently managing upcoming artist “Heather Russell”

****Monica Cidade has written and recorded over 50 songs for various projects ranging from Jazz & Rock to Pop***