Queen's Park 2010

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Vamos ao Bailinho

Once again, the finalists of the contest were invited to Queen's Park by MPP Tony Ruprecht. They were given a tour of the Legislative Building and then invited to a reception where they were officially recognised by the province for their talent and hard work. Also recognised at the reception for their service to the community were John Santos and several of the contest's sponsors as well as one of this year's judges, Zack Werner. They were later introduced to the legislative assembly by the Speaker of the house.


Zack Werner
John Santos



Joe Amorim of Swiss Chalet/Harveys (Keele & St. Claire) - one of the original sponsors of the contest.

Joe Silvestre - official videographer for the contest



Orlando Medeiros of SATA Express - one of the original sponsors of the contest.
Tony Ruprecht also recognized Helder Costa of Caldense Bakery
































































Pictures by Onofre Duque & João Alves

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