Ganadaria Borges @ Orangeville Agricultural Arena - March 2009

Over the weekend of March 28-29, past and present contestants shared the stage with John during a “Running of the Bulls” presentation by “Ganadaria Borges” at the Orangeville Agricultural Arena. It was yet another opportunity for the singers to present themselves to a whole new audience of people, all the while gaining that vital stage experience.
OMNI Television was also there filming for the programs “Canada Contacto” and “Vamos Ao Bailinho” so the chance for media exposure was once again presented. And most importantly, a good time was had by all!

In the white shirts are the “Pastores” who herd the bulls. On top of the boxes L-R are: André Carneiro, Jordan Pereira, Claudia Pereira, OMNIʼs cameraman, Clara Santos& Monica Cidade. Bottom, L-R, OMNI's Raquel Carvalho, Ramiro Lopes Sança, John Santos, Rita Francis & Kayla de Brito.

Vamos ao Bailinho
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