Vamos ao Bailinho
Vamos ao Bailinho
Part 1 - The juvenile category recording at the studio
Part 2 - The adult category recording at the studio




2009/2010 Recap

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OUR CD 2010

Pictures by Onofre Duque & João Alves

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Our 2010 CD - Recording at Metalworks

Each of the finalists recorded two songs; the two songs they would be singing at the final.
Only one song would go on the album but both songs were needed for the recap which was played as the contestants were introduced for the last time just before voting began. OMNI television interviewed them about their experience at Metalworks.



Carina da Ponte
Melissa da Costa
Maisey Vause
Marissa Gilson
Soraya Martins
Adrianne Marcucci
Jenny Romero
Rita Francis
Stephany Pascoal
Veronica Domingues