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Welcome to the fourth Qualifying round of the 4th season of the Amateur Singing Contest with John Santos,



1. Jonathan Garcia   -  Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

2. Soraya Martins   -  Salsa (Monica Sintra)



3. Melanie Costa   - That's the Way It Is (Celine Dion)

4. Kelly Moniz   -  Our Song (Taylor Swift)

5. Rita Francis   -  Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho (Amalia Rodrigues)

6. Estefanie Avila   -  Telepatia (Lara Li)

7. Marc Ainsworth   - New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)

8. Samantha Rocha   -  Eu Sou Latina (Ana Malhoa)

9. Cristopher Melo Feeling Good (Michael Bublé)

10. Jeremias Matos   -  Portuguesa Bonita (José Cid)

11. Suzanne Medeiros - Hopelessly Devoted To You ( Olivia Newton John )

12. Nathan Gravito   -  O Bicho Vai Pegar (Edson E Hudson)

13. Brian Vasconcelos Baile De Verão (José Malhoa)

14. João Pão   -  Tudo Passa (Nelson Ned)






























Miguel Domingos is a musician who plays many different instruments. He is also a singer, music teacher and conductor who has been the “maestro” to some of the Portuguese concert bands in Toronto including 17 years with the Banda Do Senhor Santo Cristo.

Joe Morgado studied guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music and is the bass player and band leader for “Os Panteras”,  with whom he has performed around the world. He also works for Dismusica and Henda Recording Co.. and is an event organiser and promoter.

Henrique Cipriano is a singer who has been performing for the past 20 years both as a solo artist and with his band Black Tulip. He has released 2 albums and has performed in many countries around the world..

Emily Melo has been performing for the last 18 years. She studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as piano and dance. She has recorded 2 solo albums and has performed throughout Canada & the U.S.

Mano Belmonte is a professional singer, actor and recording artist. He began performing as a child in Portugal and has been a member of the artistic community here in Toronto for more than 30 years..

Fatima Ferreira is a respected singer and actress who has been performing for more than 37 years. She has released many albums with great success and her songs “Adeus A Vida” and “Emanuel” were #1 hits. She has performed around the world..

Armando Costa better known as Rilhas has been singing for 30 years. He released 1 album with much success but left music for a while to pursue his other passion, soccer. After playing for professional teams such as the Buffalo Stallions, with Eusebio,  and coaching Libya's national team for 5 years, I am pleased to say he is making a return to music.

Antonio Albernaz has been performing for 36 years. He has recorded 28 albums producing 11 hits and has done countless world tours.

































...and the WINNERS are: 



__Jonathan Garcia   -  Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

__Soraya Martins   -  Salsa (Monica Sintra)






__Kelly Moniz   -  Our Song (Taylor Swift)

__Rita Francis   -  Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho (Amalia Rodrigues)





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