First Annual ASC with John Santos
The first session of the Amateur Singing Contest.
The first Amateur Singing Contest began in December of 2006. Having had its start at Cervejaria Downtown, it will reach its conclusion on April 21st, 2007, this time at Casa da Madeira of Toronto, with a great party and show.
The contest unfolded in simple fashion, but one that soon showed itself to be ideal for the contestants. Thus, the first, second and third Wednesdays of every month was set aside for rehearsals, at Cervejaria Downtown.
In order to allow the participants to take maximum benefits from the teachings of the technical team that follows the contest, rehearsals were also held on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at the Bravo, Laurinda’s, Estrela do Mar and International Restaurants.
The semi-finals were scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month. During each, a group of finalists were chosen for the final show in April. In the month of December we chose two for that purpose, elected purely by the votes of the audience.

After several comments and suggestions of the contestants and the public, we decided to create a jury of experts to also vote. So it was that in January and February of 2007 two more finalists chosen for each month. In March, we began selecting four contestants, repeating with a similar number in April. This way there will be 10 finalists at the show that will crown the winner of this first instance of the Amateur Singing Contest.

To ensure greater clarity and legitimacy for the competition, three people were chosen from the audience by a random draw of numbered tickets, to be witnesses during the tabulation of the results. These witnesses were rewarded for their efforts with a dinner at our good friend Joe Amorim’s Swiss Challet Restaurant.
During the entire month of April the rehearsals have continued, in preparation for the final day, April 21st, as have the voice training sessions with voice coach Jimmi Daoud, who is, in our opinion, one of the best in Canada in this business.

Cervejaria Downtown

Cervejaria Downtown

Cervejaria Downtown

Cervejaria Downtown.



April 21st, 2007
at Casa da Madeira.