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Welcome to the fifth Qualifying round of the 5th season of the Amateur Singing Contest with John Santos,



1. James Tavares - Home

2. Kristen Pinaretta -  Naturally

3. Marco Antonio Pinaretta -  Imagine

4. Carolina da Silva  -  It’s My Life










5. Brian Vasconcelos  -  Sonhos de Menino

6. Melanie Costa  -  Forever & Always

7. Sandra Roca  -  Conquistador 

8. Daniela Tero  -  I’m Like A Bird 

9. Kelly Moniz  -  Breathless 

10. David Blosdale  -  Angels 

11. Nicole Cutting  -  Chasing Pavements 

12. Raisa Fregonesi  -  Beleza Rara 

13. Priscilla Silva  -  Big Girls Don’t Cry

14. Monica Labuschagne  -  Strong Enough

15. Amanda Mota - Cinderela































Stephanie Tavares has been singing professionally for about 8 years and is graduate of the Humber College Music Program. She has released 1 album and has performed across Canada and the Carribbean... thanks Stephanie

Joe Carvalho also comes from a family of musicians and began performing at a very early age. He plays just about any instrument you can think of. He has recorded 2 successful solo albums and in the late seventies, we toured North America together. He currently lives in the Azores... thanks Joe

Joe Morgado studied guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music and is the bass player and band leader for “Os Panteras”,  with whom he has performed around the world. He also works for Dismusica and Henda Recording Co. and is an event organiser and promoter... thanks Joe

Paulo Pereira is a vocalist and songwriter. He began performing as the leader of the band Viriato and released his first solo album in 2004. Also in 2004, he was 1 of 10 finalists in the CBC’s “Great Canadian Music Contest”. In 2008, he represented Canada’s Portuguese community at RTP’s Lusavox Festival. He is currently working on his first album in Portuguese... thanks Paulo

Zack Werner is someone that most of you will know from Canadian Idol. Zack has been involved in music since he was a child and began working as a musician in his early teens. He has worked for Capitol Records, MCA and is co-founder of Venus Corporation, a company which supplies artist management and has its own record label which is affiliated with EMI. Zack is a musician, producer, writer, manager, lawyer and works in artist development. He is arguably one of the most important people in the Canadian music industry. Thanks for being here, Zack


































...and the WINNERS are: 



 Marco Antonio Pinaretta -  Imagine

 Carolina da Silva  -  It’s My Life






  Amanda Mota - Cinderela 

  Raisa Fregonesi  -  Beleza Rara  

  Nicole Cutting  -  Chasing Pavements 

  Kelly Moniz  -  Breathless 







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