2007 Final
The Finals for the First Amateur Singing Contest with John Santos took place on the 21st day of April, 2007.
It all started with the transformation of Casa da Madeira, where the event took place. This work was carried out by Precious Flowers N’Things who was in charge of the details.
Afterwards, everybody enjoyed a great meal, served on schedule by the fantastic team of volunteers of Canadian Madeira Club.

After dinner, the Master of Ceremonies was Lídia Ferreira, of OMNI Television, who introduced the guests, clubs and media present, as well as all the sponsors of the event.
The Judges (L-R): Suzette dos Santos-Mariz, Michael Mariz, Brian Rainey, Jeff Salem, Toni Silveira and Rob Boniface,
John Santos thanking all his right-hands: Lisa Santos, Tony Câmara, Melanie Câmara and Lídia Ferreira.
John Santos and some of the finalists giving interviews to OMNI TV
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